Economic Growth Predicted Across Finance & Renewable Energy

What does that mean for you?

Nick Travasino’s research report discusses the shift in demand for products and services within two key growth areas and explores the risks and opportunities that these changes may generate for a variety of businesses.

These key areas include; the renewable energy sector and the ‘FinTech’ or ‘financial technology’ industry.

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About the Author:

Photo: Nicholas Travasino, OTM Intern in 2017

Photo: Nicholas Travasino, OTM Intern in 2017

Nicholas Travasino is a final year student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Laws/Bachelor of Business (Accounting).  Nicholas is particularly interested in both the renewable energy and FinTech industries, which is why he chose to focus his research and writing on these two areas.

In early 2017, Nicholas undertook a business internship project with OTM, analysing trends in Australia’s economic growth for the five years from 2017.