CEDA State of the Nation Livestream 2017

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New thinking for new challenges

CEDA State of the Nation 2017

CEDA State of the Nation 2017 Livestream online

We’ve got the CEDA State of the Nation LiveStream playing in our office at OTM today.  Have you?

According to CEDA, Australia has enjoyed 25 years of consecutive economic growth. But with increased global competition, geopolitical uncertainty, industry upheaval, rising inequality and stifled economic reform, will Australia be able to continue its golden run?

Although flying to the chilly temps of our nation’s capital to be at the CEDA event in person would have been great, we’re pleased to be able to hear the keynotes and panels from the comfort of our own office.  The conference will examine:

  • How our high-performing companies compete in the global marketplace;
  • How we can set up our growth sectors for success; and
  • How to improve economic security in times of change and uncertainty.

Key Topics on the CEDA State of the Nation 2017 Agenda include:

  • Job security, disadvantage and Australia’s rustbelt: where to from here?
  • Australia: leader or laggard in the race to secure our future industries?
  • Trade in the Trump era: a new risk or a new opportunity?
  • Innovation and collaboration: what matters and what can be done?
  • The Senate Crossbench
    • Discussion points:
      • What are the economic and social development priorities for the Senate crossbench?
      • Trump/Brexit – what does this mean for Australian policy and politics?
      • How can current and future governments govern more effectively with a minority in the Senate?

You can view the livestream yourself here.

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