Defining Digital Marketing

How are you affected by digital marketing?

The digital economy is set to experience huge global growth and all industries are being affected. Make sure your business is taking the correct steps to make digital work for you!

Jake Healy writes about the digital adaption you need to be informed about.

The digital ink is well and truly in the water and you don’t need to be a strategist to realise that digitalisation is transforming the behaviour and expectations of the consumer. Consequentially, marketing departments are adapting to be more digitally focused to remain connected with their audience, giving rise to this concept of “digital marketing”.

This report will help you grasp how to define digital marketing and provides insights into how to adapt your company’s marketing to be more digitally focused and remain connected with your audience.

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About the Author:

Jake Healy was a final year student from the Queensland University of Technology in the final term of his Business degree, majoring in Marketing when he undertook his business internship with OTM.   Jake is pursuing a career in business, marketing and management, and has a particular interest in the financial services sector.