Good digital marketing transcends technology.

Effective digital marketing helps you to be found online, to attract and engage new customers, to learn from prospects and customers alike and to keep customers and grow them into advocates.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A clear digital marketing strategy sets a foundation for success. It is comprehensive in its make-up, it is flexible and adaptable in nature and it is designed to support the achievement of the overall business, marketing and customer goals. It is more than a technology and systems integration plan. It should be a cultural, structural, operational and digital strategy with customer experience, integrated brand growth and continuous improvement at its core.

So what does digital marketing comprise?

It’s a big list! …Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Campaign Management, Marketing Programs, Lead Generation, Prediction/Scoring, Lead Management, CRM Integration, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Resource Management, Marketing Analytics, Digital Asset Management, Digital Advertising, Content Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, User Experience, Customer Experience, Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Data Visualisation, eCommerce, Listening, Brand Monitoring….


What makes you, you?

As with our other programs, before we begin working with you on your digital marketing we need to get to know you – a bit like a first date. We research your industry and ask you the questions that we need to know the answers to so that together we can develop the best digital marketing strategy for you.


…and your customers, who are they?

By understanding customer (and potential customer) behaviour, needs and insights and marrying that with the goals of the business we can help modern marketing leaders to create the optimal digital marketing strategy.


People, process, technology, culture…

A good digital marketing strategy will consider the organisational and operational structure of the marketing and customer teams to enable truly integrated campaigning that leverages the content and data across all digital marketing functions and platforms for a better result; and ultimately a better customer experience.

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OTM provides a full digital marketing service, through from strategy to execution. This includes digital marketing strategy, customer profiling and customer journey mapping, martech scans and comparisons, system recommendations, system set-up, social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising and more.

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