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According to a recent Marketing Profs survey “Marketers say they currently spend 11.7% of their annual budget on social media, on average” (closer to 9% for B2B)

When implemented successfully, social media has the potential to grow your brand and business on a cost effective budget.

Social media platforms are a fantastic resource for businesses of any size, from small to large to not-for-profit to government agencies. All of whom are looking to promote their brand and business online in the ever-changing digital age.

Determining which social media platforms to use is a big decision. Do you spread yourself thin and try to use all platforms? Or do you choose two to three platforms and implement your strategy well?

Here at OTM we suggest that you pick the platforms that most suit your industry and clients and only take on what you are resourced to manage properly; anymore and you’ll be pushing the limits for content frequency and audience engagement.

The use of social media platforms can enable you to communicate with customers and clients in a casual and personal way. It can provide businesses with an opportunity for spontaneous dialogue that is rarely achieved through traditional marketing.

With the platforms free to use, many have the option of paid advertising as a way to reach a larger audience.

To make the most out your social media efforts, it’s important to understand your target audience and their preferred social media channels. The current top picks of platforms for any sized businesses are:

LinkedIn – This platform is strictly business orientated, businesses can utilise LinkedIn best by posting job descriptions and providing an overview of the management team for greater insight into the company. LinkedIn uses a very formal and professional tone, as it is an online representation of your business.

Facebook – A popular social site, that provides businesses with a platform for customer conversations and the ability to post photos, videos and promotions, all at the touch of a button. Facebook is a great platform to casually share all the behind the scene photos of client news, business updates and events.

Instagram – This platform is all about sharing the experience, it enables users to publish photos and videos and give customers that behind the scenes look they’ve been waiting for.

Twitter – A form of micro blogging, where you may not exceed 140 characters per post. This is a great platform as you are able to send out short tweets that get straight to the point, plus you can post as many as you like per day. Twitter is a versatile platform that will enable you to post multiple updates throughout the day both text and photos. The casual tone of this platform allows you as a user to communicate with your audience in a relaxed and easy manner.

Blog – A blog is not so much a social media platform; however, you are able to link back to new blog posts on all of your social media platforms. The curation of a blog will enable your business an additional forum to publish content, it could be case studies, client updates or any other additional news you would like your audience to know.

At OTM our consultants are savvy in social media and can assist you in developing a social media strategy that fits into your broader business and marketing strategy; helping you to grow your audience and customer base.

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