Market Research:

The most effective marketing and growth comes from a place of understanding.

Those with the best insights make the best decisions.

Through research and insights we help you to understand your customers and your market so that you can make the best business decisions.

We help commercial, not-for-profit and government clients, to understand:

  • market opportunities and/or market threats
  • market positioning
  • customer needs, customer sentiment and customer preferences
  • brand awareness or understanding
  • market opportunities and market threats
  • competitive position
  • employee sentiment
  • net promoter score

We create targeted research and insights in the form of surveys, 1:1 interviews, small focus groups, stakeholder engagement, desktop analysis, market intelligence analysis and more.

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Survey Research

Attitudes, Perceptions, Polls…

We can custom design a customer or employee survey to help you gather the specific information you require in an efficient, online format.

You give us your brief and we’ll design the survey, manage the responses and provide an analysis report on the results.

We typically use tools like SurveyMonkey but can also manage surveys through your preferred online tool if you have one.

Stakeholder Engagement

Community, Customers, Employees, Users

Direct engagement of stakeholders is a powerful method for gathering insights into the topic or issue at hand.  Done well, stakeholder engagement let’s you bring the voices of stakeholders into the room of the decision makers, enabling strategies to be co-designed.  At OTM we can facilitate individual interviews, small focus groups, workshops or larger community meetings.  We can also conduct stakeholder engagement via online or written surveys, online forums, webinars, social media and more.

Market Intelligence

Insights. Trends.

At OTM we monitor markets and industry sectors continuously for our own business and on behalf of our clients.  We make it our business to stay on top of macro economic trends and industry movements so that we always offer the best insights to clients.

When it comes to your market intelligence we’ll co-design a program of monitoring and alerts bespoke to your needs.  Keep on top of competitors movements, economic policy, government regulation, world markets, technology advances and more.

Research Reports


We don’t stop at surveys, research and intelligence gathering.  Our team comprises highly experienced management consultants who take the data and research results and turn them into insightful, useful analysis reports.  Reports that summarise the results in terms of your specific business, giving you truly useful information (not just the data) upon which business decisions can be made.

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