A breakfast conversation with our nation’s biggest thinkers – How?

Imagine having breakfast with Australia’s leading executives and discussing some of the most disruptive issues facing industry in our data and mobility driven society.
OTM helped to make this happen for the inaugural “Business Aspect Boardroom Breakfast” series in February 2015.
Over 30 executives from Australia’s most established and also most innovative companies joined Business Aspect in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in full-bodied conversations under Chatham House Rule.
OTM worked tirelessly with Business Aspect on messaging, key content, materials production, agenda development, online marketing, executive outreach, event hosting, venue logistics and the analysis of key themes that emerged from each discussion.
The successful series has contributed to the national dialogue on location enabled services and created business opportunities for our client and their guests.

“Earlier this year OTM was engaged to plan, co-ordinate and execute a major campaign of executive round tables involving senior representatives from both the public and private sectors. ….

The series, the first of its kind for us, has been an overwhelming success. It has already increased brand recognition of our firm with prospective clients who agreed to follow-up 1:1 meetings as well as reinforce our position as a trusted advisor with existing clients. Feedback from the event included an email from a senior government attendee which said “[the event was] one of the most exciting functions I have attended for some time.

Throughout the process OTM went above and beyond to ensure that we achieved the outcomes we were seeking.”

Sam Higgins
Business Aspect