Privacy Awareness Week 2017

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15-19 May 2017 is Privacy Awareness Week.  Trust and Transparency is this year’s theme and according to Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim PSM, it’s important for Australians to “know our privacy rights and protections” and insist “that the organisations we deal with take those protections seriously.”  Pilgrim notes that “privacy is rarely about secrecy, but is about transparency, security, and choice”.  For businesses and government,  “it’s about respecting customer trust by maintaining strong security and information handling practices throughout the life cycle of personal data.”

If you are in an organisation involved in the collection, housing or sharing of personal data then you have an obligation to stay on top of domestic and international privacy laws.  If people trust you with their data then you need to do the right thing when it comes to security and transparency of what you do with that data.

During Privacy Awareness Week (and for the rest of the year for that matter) here are some useful resources:

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