Ideas into action. Strategy into growth. Innovation into transformation.


Strategise. Innovate. Grow.

Change is constant. Change creates opportunity; change creates disruption. Seize the opportunities and make the most of disruption with well considered and well executed business and growth strategies.

At OTM we can help you to navigate evolving markets and new competitors.

We can help you to turn your blue sky thinking into realistic and actionable strategies, leveraging our skills, capabilities and real world experience in market growth, innovation, transformation, digital, marketing, brand, communications, customer experience, social media and more.

Why do people need us?

Brand profile building

Nurture your brand – consistently across all channels

With the many channels available, online in particular, OTM can help you to build a brand profile that is consistent across all channels.

Business model innovation

Transform your business model – rethink and reframe how you to do business in your industry.

Be the disruptor in your industry. OTM can facilitate the process of finding new ways to to create value in your industry by analysing the core elements of your business including customer relationships, key activities, strategic resources, cost structures and revenue streams.

Customer experience programs

Do you need your organisation to become more customer-centric?

OTM can build a customer experience program that works from the top down and filters throughout your organisation so that everyone shares the same vision.

Digital transformation

Undergoing a major system or process change?

A well planned communications and stakeholder engagement strategy is key to ensuring smooth sailing in times of change driven by digital transformation.


As with any organisational change or restructure, OTM can design a communication strategy that keeps all stakeholders informed and prepared.

International expansion

Are you ready to join the global marketplace?

Do your homework, understand the factors affecting international expansion, make sure you have a marketing strategy that makes sense outside of the borders you are familiar with.

Investment sourcing

Has your company reached the stage where you need funding for growth?

Just like we market ourselves to customers, we need to put on a professional image for investors – we’ll help you paint the right picture to instil confidence and a sense of possibility in the people who will invest in your future.

Mergers and acquisitions

Are you bringing people on the journey and helping them to acclimatise, or are you thrusting them in a new climate with no time to prepare?

Communication is central to successful mergers. Start at the beginning of the process with effective communication strategies that keep everyone informed and prepared for change.

New business development

Do you need a strategy for a new business opportunity?

OTM can create a plan for identifying and seizing new business opportunities that will allow you to be responsive and agile in your market.

New market entry

Is it time to expand into a new market? What’s your strategy?

OTM can help you with a marketing and communications strategy to reach new markets and find new customers.

New product launches

Have you got a great new product? – get the attention you deserve

You’ve put the effort into the development now let OTM manage the launch of your new product or service and make a buzz in your marketplace.

Organisational change or restructure

Do you need a communication plan to manage change in your organisation?

OTM can design a strategy for communicating change or restructuring in your organisation that will maximise participation in the change process by involving all stakeholders.


Is your brand looking a little dated? Maybe its time to freshen it up.

Let OTM transform your brand and help your organisation remain relevant in times of change.

Venture capital raising

Is your business ready for the next stage?

Just like we market ourselves to customers, we need to put on a professional image for investors – we’ll help you paint the right picture to instil confidence and a sense of possibility in the people who will invest in your future.

Transformational change and disruption

Organisations and industries are constantly evolving – are you ready?

New technology; change of government; new legislation or policies; mergers and acquisitions…the list goes on.  Whatever the driver, transformation or disruption calls for strategic communications planning and change management programs.  OTM can help.

The A-Z of our Services and Capabilities


Stand out as a thought leader in your industry.

OTM can help you to provide relevant, insightful articles that will give your clients the insights they’re looking for and make you the go-to person in your field of expertise.

Award submissions

And the winner is…..Put your hat in the ring to be nominated for awards in your sector. Get noticed for achievements.

OTM can help you identify local, national and international award opportunities. We’ll find the opportunities, write the submissions and help you to get noticed.


A vital part of your online marketing strategy – but do you have the time to keep it up to date?

You tell us what you want to say to your audience and OTM can write and publish regular blog posts in line with the purpose, tone and topic requirements of your blog.


So much more than a logo. Your brand is precious, it needs to be nurtured.

OTM will develop a brand strategy for your business that will give you the edge. And, we’ll guide you on how to implement the brand across all your ecosystem touchpoints.

Campaign management

It looks great on paper – but who’s going to manage it?

OTM will get your campaign off to a flying start and run with it right through to the analytics.

Change related communications

Change happens – effective management strategies, frameworks and communication can make the difference between resistance or advocacy.

OTM can facilitate a strategic change and communication program that will allow you to engage stakeholders and manage transformation effectively.

Coaching, mentoring

Reach your full potential?

OTM’s experienced professionals can provide you or your staff the independent guidance and mentoring to help you achieve the best results in your work.


Got something awesome to launch to the market?

OTM can guide you through the process of bringing a new product or service to market. Think strategy, IP, brand, packaging, research, ideas testing, soft launch….

Community consultation

How do I engage my local community?

Our people are experienced in developing platforms for stakeholder contribution and engagement. From small local forums to large scale research, we can help you engage stakeholders and consult with the community to ensure everyone is heard.


Conferences can take up a large slice of your marketing spend – a well defined strategy will ensure return on investment.

OTM can coordinate, operate and manage your conference or conference attendance so you can focus on building relationships and nurturing your leads.

Content management

With the right system in place, its easy to keep track of your content.

We can set up processes to create, edit, publish and archive all your digital content, keeping you in control of your knowledge base.


All the right words in all the right places.

“Our consultants will help you to communicate clearly,
appropriately, consistently.”

Crisis communications

When a crisis occurs you need to be able to respond immediately to avoid damage to your reputation.

We can create a crisis management plan that will allow you to respond appropriately and accurately to all stakeholders.

Customer experience

The way you make people feel is everything. What experience do you want your customers to have with you?

OTM can develop a customer experience framework that aligns to your brand and helps you take customers along the chain of customer advocacy, giving them consistent brand experience at each touch point.


Be clear, be concise and cut through the clutter.

If you know what you want to say, OTM’s editing service can help you to get your message across by bringing out the best in your writing.

Email marketing

One of the most cost effective ways of connecting with your customers and promoting your business – but only if you do it right.

OTM can develop email campaigns that are consistent, offer value to your readers and include a strong call to action.

Event management

Events can be fun and they can be effective. They can also be hard work…

OTM has extensive experience in event management. For whatever type of event you’re holding, we’ll keep everything going so you can focus on your attendees.

Executive outreach

Executive and C-level communication needs to be handled with care – it is not a one size fits all approach.

The OTM team can develop an executive engagement program that will give your team access to the decision makers and influencers in your industry.


Expert facilitation can be the difference between an effective meeting that achieves desired outcomes and one that veers of track.

Get your team together at your place or ours and we’ll facilitate your strategy sessions, meetings or workshops – all you need is an appetite for fresh thinking.

Go to market strategies

You’ve got a great new product but how’s it going to reach your customers?

We can help you organise your approach to the market place so that it is manageable and helps achieve your business goals.

Innovation strategies

Innovation is at the heart of transformation and growth.

OTM specialist management consultants can facilitate your ideas and your blue sky thinking into actionable strategies.  We can help you to develop an innovation team, build an innovation hub, or create an innovation culture.

Internal communications

All customer communications start with your team – make sure they understand the message you want to convey.

OTM can create an Internal Communications program aligned with your overall business strategy and objectives that will help all stakeholders to understand what you are trying to achieve.


With so much noise how do you make a lasting impression?

OTM can organise a campaign or product launch for you that will have all the right people talking.

Management consulting

Are you wanting to improve performance or maybe your organisation is going through major change?

With our specialised expertise, OTM can design a communications strategy for change management, technology implementation or strategy development, tailored to your industry.

Marketing audits

How do you score for your marketing activities?

OTM can undertake an audit of all your marketing activities and collateral to see what’s working and what’s not.

Market segmentation

Your customers are not all the same. What makes them tick? What sets them apart? What do they really need?

Understanding your customers is key to be able to communicate effectively with them. OTM can design a strategy that will give you a deeper understanding of what your customers need.

Marketing & sales toolkits

The most effective tools to interest your ecosystem and support sales.

Collateral – printed, digital, audio and multi-media. We can help you build the marketing and sales toolkit that is right for your business.

Media kits

The tool to make journalists want to write about you.

We can create a captivating media kit targeted to journalists covering your industry.

Media training

How to be an effective media spokesperson

OTM can help you to understand the media, develop your skills as a spokesperson and help you to be a confident and effective speaker in interviews with the media.

Management reporting

Consistency in reporting is the key to interpreting the data in a meaningful way.

We’re good at cutting through the noise and helping you give management the information they need in a form that makes it easy for them to understand the results and be able to make decisions.


You need the right words to reach your target customer

We’ll make a point of understanding your story so that we can help you craft the right messages for your audiences – ones they won’t want to ignore.


The perfect way to keep in touch with your customers.

With all the noise out there, OTM can create newsletters that are enticing, concise and filled with great content that your readers want to know about.

Online marketing

Get found online. Websites, social media, online news and more…

We can create an online marketing strategy with the right systems and the right channels that will keep you connected to your customers and help you to build genuine, person-to-person relationships.

Press releases

Do you have a story to tell?

OTM can craft press releases to help you generate coverage to make you shine in your industry.

Product marketing

Does your sales team know how to talk about your product? Does your product roadmap match market opportunity?

OTM can design a product marketing strategy that speaks to your customers and their needs.


If you want to be heard then you need to promote yourself in a way that suits your market.

OTM can develop a promotional campaign using the right tools for your target audience.

Proof reading

It pays to have another set of eyes…

OTM will carefully examine your text to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling.

Public relations

PR – what does it mean? Media. Events. News. Publicity…

OTM can create a program of action to earn public support and recognition of your organisation.

Report writing

Reports that actually get read.

OTM will ensure that your reports engage your reader and give your clients the information they are expecting in a way that is clear to consume. It’s important not to make your reader work hard.


Wouldn’t you rather back up your intuition about opportunities with solid research findings?

We can help you develop, implement and analyse a variety of primary and secondary research projects including surveys, focus groups or analysis of existing research.  Learn more…

Social media

Is social media right for you? Which channels? What content? How frequent…

OTM will deliver a social media strategy that keeps you connected to your customers, drives conversions and increases the conversation about your brand. Learn more about our Social Media Services.

Speech editing

The first draft is never the final draft

OTM can take you through the process of writing and re-writing a speech that focuses on your core message and captivates your audience.


Is your brand associated with the right things? Sponsorship can help.

OTM can help you to use sponsorship opportunities to build brand awareness, reputation and your standing in your industry.

Stakeholder engagement

Involvement, participation, decision-making, accountability – how do you engage your stakeholders?

OTM can design a stakeholder engagement strategy that includes an in-depth analysis of your stakeholders, a clearly defined purpose and the best tools to inform, consult or collaborate with them.


Visualise your project with a storyboard.

Whether it’s a website, a video, an app or a presentation, OTM can get you started with a storyboard that will give you an overview of your project and help with your planning.

Strategic communications

Don’t just talk. Listen, think, plan and then engage. Be strategic.

OTM can develop an overall strategy for your communications in line with your organisational goals.

Strategic planning

Do you have a clear vision for your organisation?

OTM can facilitate a strategic planning session for your organisation that will help you to set priorities, focus your energy and resources, decide on common goals, agree on the outcomes and measure the results.


By 2019 80% of internet traffic will be video – make it work for you

OTM can design a video marketing campaign that will make you a star performer in your industry.

Visual identity

What does your audience see when they look at your brand?

Your visual identity is key to standing out from the crowd, OTM can help you with graphic design, corporate colours, logos and branding – everything to have you looking your best


The essential tool for any organisation wanting to connect to their market

A key element of any marketing strategy, OTM has extensive experience in all aspects of website design and development.


Time for some fresh thinking…

We are experts at workshop facilitation – book in a session at our place or we’ll come to you.