Great social media marketing is essential for great brand and community building.

So let’s get your audience to sit up and take notice.

We believe that the key to creating a dynamic social and online presence, one that builds a community and ultimately ends up in increased revenue for an organisation is:

  • to truly understand your customer profile,
  • then create great content that resonates with that customer profile,
  • while timing the publication of that content with the events / ideas / calendar dates that your community of followers believe are truly important to them.

While it seems simple, we also know from the work we do with our clients that it is incredibly time consuming for business owners to produce, publish, monitor and grow their own online and social engagement programs. This is why it makes sense to work with social media and content marketing experts.  It’s what we do. For some of us, it is all we do.  We do content and social media with effect.  We’re efficient; we’re creative; we’re engaging – all on your behalf.

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What makes you, you?

Before we begin working on your social presence we need to get to know you – a bit like a first date. We research your industry and ask you the questions that we need to know the answers to so that together we can develop the best social media plan for you.

Content production

Conceive. Create. Curate.

Content created by teams that live and breathe your customer demographic.   Don’t have time to create your own content? We match your customer profile with your content creators. If you’re selling into the tourism and travel industry – your content creator(s) will be avid and experienced travellers. If your customers eat out lots……so do your content creators, if your customer demographic is 16 – 20-year old’s, then we have a group of content creators who live and breathe that market – because that’s who they are!


Copy That!

Blogs, Newsletter, website copy aimed at driving traffic where you need it to go.  Our copywriters work with clients to draft blogs, newsletters, website copy, and Electronic Direct Mailouts that are targeted, precise and aimed at driving traffic back to your company website.


Let it flow. 

Approvals and scheduling automation that suit your business.  Strategy and content creation doesn’t work unless there is a workflow that ensures that the content that is developed is scheduled appropriately and is approved for publication in time, every time! The in-house tools that we use at OTM ensure that you have full visibility of your content calendar along with an approvals workflow that fits with your business operations.


Don’t just talk.  Listen and engage.

Your online community wants to talk with you!  Client interaction is vital for social media, and one of the best ways to get more customers is to participate in conversations with them about your brand, product, service or organisation. We engage with your social community on your behalf, driving customers back to your site to increase your revenue opportunities. If there is an issue that needs a specific response, we notify you immediately and assist you to develop an appropriate response or course of action.


Look your best!

Beautiful, professional design to capture your audience in an instant.   Need a slick template designed for your blog or social channel? Or maybe a great newsletter or EDM (email) design? Our creative design team works with clients to make sure that the content created for your social community engages the eye and the mind (and the heart where it needs to).

Content matching

This goes with that. 

Content matched with what’s trending with your customers and in your industry.   Our social team live, breathe and (in some cases) sleep social media. We comb the internet for interesting content related to your business and industry, follow industry experts and sources in your industry field, track keywords and monitor what’s trending and then we build all of this into a library of content specific to you.

Content calendar

Timing is everything.

We take all the content that has been sourced and/or created by our team and yours and build it into a Monthly Content Calendar so that you can see what your online ‘story’ looks like over the coming month. Ideally the content scheduled in this Calendar aligns with any external promotion and/or marketing activities that you are undertaking within this month; this will accelerate your brand impact.


Analyse. Optimise.

Analysis of engagement, reach and content for optimal results.   Social media is a fickle world. We analyse the engagement and reach of your accounts and content – if changes are required we can respond quickly to ensure that you get the optimal results from your investment.   We also provide monthly performance reports to you so that you can measure the impact and reach that your brand is getting through your online presence.

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