Can you help us with marketing tips for customers who don’t use social or digital media? What strategies can we use?

FULL QUESTION: Not all of our target group (community organisation) uses social media or is even online. Are there any marketing strategies you can suggest to use with people who have either never opted in to social media, or perhaps have been in and now opted out? Social media and digital marketing are undoubtedly very powerful tools, however do we still need to consider how to reach those who are not part of that world? And what strategies work for them? If we only include in our planning those people who are digitally engaged, are we effectively excluding a significant part of the potential market? 


  • If you have their mailing addresses you could target them with a printed direct mail piece.  This could be as simple as a personal letter from you or a designed pamphlet or brochure.  If it is a small number of recipients then you could print and manage the distribution yourself via Australia Post.  Alternatively you could use a specialist direct mail house such as DMO (note that we have no affiliation with any of these services).  Many services will also offer discounts for registered not for profits. 
  • If you have their mobile phone numbers you could send an SMS campaign.  These need to be very short and succinct messages with a clear call to action.  You could consider making the call to action to join your social media channel.  Or, tie the CTA to a specific campaign such as registering for an event after the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.  Ensure that when you are doing SMS or Email marketing that comply with the SPAM Act (more info here:  There are many online services and tools for sending bulk SMS marketing or alerts.  Some examples include Vision 6 (they offer 25% discount off retail price for registered charities and OTM is a reseller partner so let us know if we can help you to sign up)Direct SMSSMS Broadcast (no affiliations here) etc.
  • If you don’t have a mailing list or phone number list then other options for marketing offline can include:  
    • Letterbox drops (you select the postcodes you want to target and outsource to a distributor).  Example of a provider: 
    • Complementary providers – think about your target market and what other businesses or service organisations they use.  You may identify some complementary organisations to help share your message.  For example, in the case of trying to reach older women in the community at this time when they may not be going out as frequently you may be able to approach local businesses doing home deliveries such as pharmacies, groceries and ask if they will include a pamphlet of information in the package.
    • Media stories– developing stories that would be of interest to your target audience and then approaching editors or journalists for publications that distribute to your target market.  Perhaps you could profile some of your OWN network members and invite journalists to interview them for their publication.  In the case of older women across Brisbane this could include community newspapers such as Quest, local publications such as Village Life, Brisbane News, Style, RACQ’s Road Ahead, Seniors Magazine etc.
    • Advertising – if you have the budget you could consider advertising in suitable publications that reach your target market.  Many publications offer discounts for charities.
    • Influencers – think about the people who are trusted sources of information for your target market.  This may include family members such as adult children who do use social media.  Once you’ve identified the influencers you may find that social media marketing can be targeted to these influencers and get them to appeal to the older women in their life.