My employees are nervous – what do I do?

Keeping employees feeling secure in these rapidly changing times is a continual challenge.  Reassure your staff by communicating useful information quickly and regularly in a calm, honest and succinct way.   It can be helpful to develop a communications plan and we have created a COVID19 Internal Communications Plan Template free for you to use which will guide you through this process.  Key things to consider are:   

  •  Identify the purpose of your organisation and how this is threatened by the crisis.   
  •  Identify the actions you need to focus on, linking them to your key purpose. 
  •  Identify your crisis communication team.  Nominate a respected senior member of staff as your spokesperson.  Your team may include members of communications, legal, information technology, human resources and health and safety teams.  
  •  Identify the channels you will use to communicate with your staff.  These may include email, text messaging, phone, intranet pages, online collaboration tools or physical messaging.  Ensure that the channels you select are accessible by staff who may be unable to access online systems. 
  •  Determine the frequency of your communications on each channel.  How will you keep your staff informed without overwhelming them. 
  •  Consider two way communication, let employees know how to contact you to ask questions or raise issues.   
  •  Create a central location for information on your intranet or in a fact sheet that can be emailed to staff without access to the intranet.   
  •  Brief your line managers, let them know what to say and how to help their team members.   
  •  In the case that staff may have to be laid off communicate quickly and clearly, directing people to both internal and external support services. 

Reassure your staff by letting them know how they you will support them while providing prompt and consistent advice on their role and responsibilities connecting their actions to the wider purpose and aims of your organisation.