Will the business model, marketing or WFH changes we’re seeing now become permanent?

FULL QUESTION: A lot of businesses have learned to adapt to COVID-19 by having employees work at home and other techniques.  Are we seeing businesses start to think about making some of these changes permanent and actually changing their business models? I’m thinking about the consulting professions – are clients / patients growing accustomed to remote consultations? 

ANSWER: Yes, we think some of the changes will stick.  Marketers and business owners are being forced to innovate, pivot or fast-track new ways of doing things.  Many are experimenting with doing things in ways they haven’t done before and whilst some of those experiments won’t work, others will and could create a permanent shift for some businesses.  For example, as people fast-track their move to more digital marketing or online content production they might find that it works and they get better at doing it so it becomes a BAU activity in the future.  Some of our panelists are seeing that older Australians are among the largest group of people who are taking up social media communications; and the use of handheld devices.  They’re also seeing markets and connections open up that they may not otherwise have had; meaning they are reaching new people beyond their current local networks because they are now moving more of their services online.