With the overload of COVID-19 communications, how do we cut through this? Do you have insights into what consumers really want to know?

Regarding the cut through part of your question: 

It is difficult to cut-through right now, although we are starting to see a shift in the news with more space opening up to non-COVID-19 related stories.  We are also seeing what appears to be a decrease in the intensity of concern about COVID-19 among the general population (cite: The Lab Insights); it is however still top of mind for the majority of people so you need to be mindful of how useful or helpful your message is to people right now.  If your news stories or other content is of use and relevance to your audience right now then sharing your message is worth doing.  If not, then just wait a little longer.  To cut through you’ll need things like: 

  • really compelling headlines and calls to action;  
  • bite-size attention grabbers such as great photos, video clips or written copy 
  • useful information such as research, templates, how-to guides or other items that are relevant to your industry 

Regarding the insights part of your question, here are some key takeaways from two recent Edelman studies (1. Edelman Trust Barometer special report, Trust and the Coronavirus, and 2. Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic, a 12-market study on what is expected of brands during the pandemic. Source: https://www.edelman.com.au/insights/How-brands-can-do-the-right-thing-in-the-age-of-COVID-19 

  • stop selling and start solving, offering tangible and fast-moving solutions that help everyone through this difficult time. Brands that do so will come through the crisis with their integrity intact, while those that do not may face a backlash. 
  • 89 per cent of respondents say brands should shift production to goods that meet the challenges of COVID-19 
  • 54 per cent of respondents to our research say they’re not paying attention to new products right now, unless designed to help with pandemic-related life challenges 
  • We’ve seen 89 per cent of our respondents tell us brands should keep the public fully informed on how they’re supporting and protecting their employees and customers, while 88 per cent want to be kept updated regarding changes to brand operations and how to access products and services. Transparency is always valuable, but it’s particularly key during these moments of crisis. 
  • LinkedIn is working to raise awareness around an offering of free job listings until June 30 for businesses in healthcare, warehousing, supermarket, and freight delivery, as well as the serving of urgent jobs listings, like those in healthcare services, to members with relevant skills. 
  • a clear desire amongst 90 per cent of respondents that brands partner with government to better deal with the crisis 
  • 86 per cent of people hope brands will provide a safety net where government is unable to act or perhaps unable to act quickly enough 
  • Sixty-five per cent of respondents say that how a brand responds will likely have a huge impact on their likelihood of buying that brand in future 
  • 71 per cent of people claim that if they perceived a brand to be putting profit over people, they would lose trust in that brand forever 

Another useful information source for brands at this time is : https://www.covid19brandnavigator.com/